Major Event Trailers 🎫 : Unveiling Everything You Need to Know!


Welcome to our complete guide on major event trailers. Here, you’ll learn all about these special mobile facilities that are super important. Whether you’re planning an event, selling things, performing, or just going, major event trailers make everything easier. We’ll talk about why big events matter when to book, and how they help different people. Let’s get started!

What are Major Events?

Everyone has waited in a never-ending line at a major event at some point or another. Whether it was a sports game vs a rival, a packed concert, or a weekend festival – bathrooms are always needed. When event sizes swell to the thousands or tens of thousands extra of everything is needed. Bathrooms should be at the top of the list of services to book especially if food, drinks, and alcohol will be served.

Major Event Trailers – Capacity and Accommodation

When considering bathroom accommodation needs at your event consider the following.

On-Site Utilities – Will the venue or event location have a power and water supply? Not all companies provide major event trailers pre-supplied with water, so ask your prospective rental company.

Spacing – Will all the bathrooms be in one area of your event? Will they be located by the food & beverages? Or perhaps by entrances and exits? Planning where to put the trailers ahead of time will make day of coordination that much easier.

Customer Type – If you do decide to book a trailer will it be for all guests, or for a VIP only area. If you are selling different ticket tiers access to a non-porta potty option may convince some customers to buy the upgraded package.

Major Event Trailers: Planning for Success

To have a successful event, it’s important to plan ahead when using major event trailers. Book them early because they get busy with parties and weddings. Figure out if the trailers have their own power or if you need to get it separately. Also, decide if you need people to clean the bathrooms during the event. Lastly, make sure the layout works well, the site is easy to access, and you coordinate with the trailer rental company for a smooth experience.

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