Long-Term Construction Portable Toilet Rentals

Gone are the days of only having blue porta-johns available. All industries are now using long-term bathroom trailer rentals. In fact, booking Construction Portable Toilet is one of the smartest things you can do. For any construction site or outdoor events alike, it’s the right call.

Portable Restrooms are in high demand, especially during the peak summer season.

Portable restrooms have become the #1 choice for bathroom rental options for a variety of event types, including:

  • Commercial Construction
  • Farms during the harvesting season
  • Inspections of new housing developments
  • Management personnel using offices on-site
  • State or federal contracts to rebuild or destroy buildings
  • Advanced manufacturing or pharmaceutical sites
  • Air-conditioned, sanitary conditions during summer months

Portable Toilet Rental Cost Per Month

Like all things, there is no 1 answer to “How much does renting construction portable toilets cost”. It depends on the size of the portable toilet trailer, and the rental duration.

But longer-term rentals can save your business money. Weekly bookings can have discounts of up to 20%, while monthly bookings can have discounts of up to 30%.

For medium-sized bathroom trailers, the cost can range from $1,000 to $2,000 per week in Philadelphia. If you book for an entire month, lower rates may be available. What’s more, bathroom trailers use less frequent cleanings and pump outs. Saving $100 to $200 per week compared to traditional portable toilets is great for the bottom line.

It’s important to note that if you only need the rental on weekdays or weekends also. Different prices may exist for a 5-day rental verse a 7-day rental.

But booking months in advance is crucial. Especially during peak event seasons like the end of spring and early fall. Like many equipment rentals, construction bathroom rentals require a deposit. This can help ensure you get the bathroom you want when you need it.

Construction portable toilet comparisons: Bathroom Trailers Vs. Porta Potties

Choosing between porta potties and bathroom trailers for a construction site is hard. But it comes down to benefits. It’s important to consider the benefits for both employees and companies.

With a reliable restroom trailer on site, employees are less likely to leave the job site during the day. Which means less downtime and more efficient work. A clean and safe bathroom environment can increase employee productivity.

In the summer heat, restroom trailers can also provide a cool space for workers to refocus and recharge.

Porta potties can be a hassle for construction sites because they are immovable and need careful planning. Plus, the risk of not having enough or having them cleaned on time is high.

Clean bathrooms boost morale and reduce the risk of injuries caused by unsanitary conditions.

Additionally, there are cleaning fees involved as they don’t have a separate waste tank. With bathroom trailers, you don’t have to worry about any of that. They have their own holding tank and include weekly cleaning with waste cleanout.

This makes them a cost-effective solution for any construction site. So, if you want to provide your workers with a clean, efficient, and hassle-free bathroom experience. Consider renting a bathroom trailer for your construction site.

Additionally, instead of needing many porta potties and a separate handwashing station. A single portable bathroom trailer can provide all the necessary facilities.

Evaluating Portable Restroom Companies Near Me

There are many portable restroom companies in Philadelphia, PA. But not all are the same. When evaluating portable restroom companies near you, consider what’s best for your business.

Clean and odor-free bathrooms are the rule, not the exception. They value the safety and health of your employees. Your employees are safe and comfortable with hand railings, water, soap, and lighting.

Philadelphia Event Rentals is an excellent choice. Customers would agree, giving us top customer service ratings. Our commitment to timely communication ensure your job site is ready. We understand the importance of a good bathroom for your business.

We’re dedicated to providing the best possible service to meet your needs. Trust us to provide the portable restrooms you need for your construction site or event.

If you still have questions about renting portable trailers or the cost to rent portable bathroom units, we recommend checking out our FAQ page. It provides useful information about our services and the rental process.

A picture of a construction toilet rental. Parked safely in a parking lot.

At Philadelphia Event Rentals, we offer a deluxe portable bathroom rental service at competitive prices. Requesting a free quote is easy and comes with 0% commitment. Simply provide us with your event dates and locations, and we’ll get back to you within 1 business day.

To get an accurate quote for your event, it’s best to contact a portable restroom rental company directly. They can provide you with a detailed breakdown of the portable restroom trailer cost based on your specific needs.